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Unlicensed Electricity Generation Application Software

Unlicensed Electricity Generation Application Software

Unlicensed Electricity Generation Application Software

Unlicensed Electricity Generation Application Software

The application developed for the electronic submission of Unauthorized Electricity Generation Applications in accordance with the "Regulation Amending the Regulation on Unauthorized Electricity Generation in the Electricity Market" published in the Official Newspaper dated July 29, 2023, and numbered 32262 by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

The application is designed in compliance with regulations, and it allows the evaluation of these applications by the application owner OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone) or Distribution Company officials.

Within the application package, there is a client application for the electronic signature of application documents, which is mandatory for legal entity applications.

  • Users Applying for E-Applications

  •     Users who will make e-applications can create a user through the system.
  •     Users can enter the system after their email address verification is completed.
  •     After phone number verification, users can create an Application Request.
  • Request Creation and Tracking

  • Users can create their requests through eight (8) steps request creation page.
  • Created requests can be tracked with a tracking number generated by the system.
  • A user can create more than one request and list their requests.
  • Users are required to provide an Information Text for GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation, KVKK - Personal Data Protection Law) data and a Commitment for Transferred Personal Data.
  • Users can apply for both Real and Legal entities.
  • Application information and Facility information are recorded in accordance with the legislation.
  • For Facility information, there is a map infrastructure where descriptive information is entered, and coordinates can be entered via Google Maps or by uploading a KML file.
  • Required documents for requests can be uploaded, and the requirements for these documents may vary depending on Real/Legal entity, Capacity, Resource Type, and Application Location. These features can also be configured systemically.
  • Automated creation of documents such as "Unauthorized Production Application Form," "Technical Evaluation Form," and "Declaration to be Submitted under Article 37/10 of the Regulation" is available on the system.
  • For Legal entities, signing with the E-Signature application (Imzager) is available, while for Real persons, completing the application by uploading a wet-signed document is facilitated.
  • Evaluation of Requests

  •     Company officials using the application have access to the "Administrator" interface designed for reviewing requests made on the application, checking documents, and other processes.
  •     Using the Administrator interface, officials can manage the statuses of incoming requests such as "In Evaluation," "Approved," or "Rejected."